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Sunshine and Rainbows

We have had so much rain lately! Luckily, there’s been no flooding in my area, but the rain has brought a different kind of problem: termites. Apparently, rain prompts them to send out swarms in hopes of establishing new colonies. We suddenly began finding them all over the house the other night. Luckily, the worst seems to have passed, but the exterminator won’t be coming to check for another couple of days because they got so many calls and were backed up. Yikes!

With all that rain, it felt like a good time for a rainbow, and that’s the project for Week 2 of my Give it a Whirl Mini-Course. If you’d like to join me, you can purchase access to the course for $15 by clicking here. Better yet, you can receive the course for free if you are a member of my team* or if you purchase the die set from my Stampin' Up store. I also have a free video tutorial for the basic die assembly to help you get started. I'm looking forward to crafting with you!

If you’re looking for more inspiration, I’ve now created a Workshops section of the website to list them all together.

*From now till May 31st, new team members who purchase a starter kit for $99 will receive $155 worth of products of their choice (that's an extra $30 more than usual)!



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